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Office Tips and Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain Relief

It may not be obvious, but office work can actually lead to injuries particularly in the lower back due to the long hours spent sitting in front of the computer. For back pain relief, a few changes may have to be done at the workplace, but in cases where the pain is severe, a trip to a chiropractor may be in order. Low back pain is a common problem among office workers, and has been cited as the second most common reason for visiting the doctor, next to colds and flu.

Why Does Sitting Cause Low Back Pain?

Office workers tend to commit the mistake of spending the entire day just sitting at their desks. Sitting may not seem like a difficult thing to do, but when done for prolonged periods of time, it puts a significant amount of pressure on the joints and discs of the spinal column. Poor posture is also a contributing factor to low back pain. Leaning forward, for instance, puts a lot of weight-bearing strain on the spine and increases wear and tear on the spinal joints and discs.
Sitting in a fixed position also restricts blood flow to the discs between the spinal joints. With poor blood flow, the spine becomes deprived of nourishment, thus accelerating degeneration and increasing the likelihood of injuries in the lower back.

How to Reduce or Prevent Low Back Pain

Movement is essential to keeping your spine healthy and your lower back pain-free. Instead of staying in your chair the whole time, take short breaks every 20 minutes to stand up and do a bit of stretching. So you don't forget, set an alarm close by to remind you when to take a break, or leave a written note next to your computer monitor as a reminder.

If you need to sit for long hours, try shifting your position a few times per minute. This will help reduce strain on your body and prevent you from slouching.
Make sure to get an ergonomic office chair that follows the natural curve of your spine for proper back support and cushioning. If you can't get a chair that has ample support for your lumbar area, you can place a small pillow or a towel behind your lower back. The height of the chair should also be adjustable to allow you to keep your feet flat on the floor.

Additionally, keep your back pockets empty before sitting down; a wallet in one of your back pockets can put your spine out of alignment as you sit for hours.
Finally, avoid leaning forward. Position your computer monitor in such a way that will let you look at it from eye level so you're able to keep your spine as straight as possible.

Seeing a Chiropractor for Back Pain Relief

If you've been experiencing persistent pain in the lower back, you may need to see a chiropractor for treatment. Chiropractic doctors specialize in spinal health and offer several treatments that are proven effective in providing pain relief.

Primarily, chiropractors use spinal manipulation for treating lower back pain. By manually adjusting the alignment of the lumbar spine, they are able to decrease pain in the lower back, increase range of motion, and restore mobility. Other therapies may also be applied, including massage, trigger point therapy, and hot and cold applications among others. As part of treatment, chiropractic doctors will also help you learn how to maintain proper spinal posture and how to strengthen your core muscles to reduce the risk for lower back pain.

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