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4400370 SReducing the Pain of Sciatica through Chiropractic Care

A painful symptom typically caused by a pinched sciatic nerve, sciatica causes cramping and shooting pain in the legs, making it difficult to both sit and stand. This chronic pain, felt through the lower back and legs, makes everyday activities difficult to perform, but luckily most cases of sciatica go away with time, treatment and plenty of rest.

Regardless of the cause of your sciatica, Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center can offer a unique approach to managing and reducing your discomfort. When diagnosing your condition, a complete patient history will be performed to help determine the cause of your pain and establish an individualized treatment plan for your body and lifestyle.

Chiropractic treatment provides an array of benefits and can help restore spinal movement while decreasing pain and inflammation in patients suffering from sciatica. Spinal adjustment combined with rehabilitative exercise can provide a drug free, non-surgical option for most individuals.

Some sources of sciatica, like degenerative disk disease and pregnancy, cannot be prevented. This being said, there are steps that can be taken to help strengthen your body to reduce your risk of developing the painful symptom. Regular exercise and good posture are two simple ways to stay healthy and lower your risk. Also, be sure to use proper techniques when lifting – regardless of the weight of the object.

A great wellness care option, Chiropractic care can continue to be performed after you have healed. Spinal checkups can be performed anywhere from once a year to once a month, helping to ease minor problems before they cause harm to your healing body.

For more information on our multi-clinician approach and to schedule an appointment, contact Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center at 254-899-2225.

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