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Reducing Stress for a Healthier Body and Mind

10857226 SA normal part of everyday life, stress helps your body to respond to problems as they occur. This being said, constant, chronic stress can be harmful to both your physical and mental health. From the central nervous system to the reproductive system, stress affects all aspects of the body.


Improve the health of your mind and body through exercise. Regular exercise helps to fight off disease, maintain mental agility and reduce stress and fatigue caused by daily life. The better your body feels, the better your mind will – making you ready to tackle challenges faced at work and home. Exercise is also a great way to get out into your community and learn something new. Sign up for a class to try out a new routine and meet some friends. Relationships are another important aspect of maintaining a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.

Chiropractic Care

Especially if the cause of your stress is related to physical injury, chiropractic care can greatly reduce stress. If you suffer from back pain, chiropractic adjustments can relief your pain and the stress that comes with it. Follow up appointments to rehabilitate injured tissue and keep the spine in top shape are recommended to keep your body and mind stress free.

Swedish Massage Therapy

One of the most frequently performed and well-known massage techniques, the Swedish massage relaxes the body, providing relief for tense muscles while improving circulation and flexibility. Made up of four basic strokes, the technique has been practiced since the 1800s. Called “classic massage” in most of Europe, this practice has many benefits, including relaxation and stress relief.

If stress has you feeling tired and under the weather – mentally or physically – give your body a chance to heal. Contact Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center to learn about our chiropractic and massage services and to schedule an appointment. Looking for more stress-relief techniques? Visit the American Chiropractic Association.

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