Chiropractic Myths

Chiropractors provide effective treatment for all types of soft tissue disorders and not just back and neck ailments. This includes conditions of the joints of the extremities like the ankle, knee and shoulder.

What you may not be aware of is chiropractic's success in treating a number of non-soft tissue conditions like dysmenorrhea (painful menses), ulcers, migraine headaches, and ear infections in children. While we cannot claim to cure these conditions, we believe that many of these problems can be mimicked, aggravated and sometimes caused by disruptions in the nervous system because of spinal abnormalities.

By correcting these spinal abnormalities like the vertebral subluxation, chiropractic has helped thousands of individuals overcome these conditions and regain control of their lives.

At Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center, we are no exception, and offer patients throughout Temple an opportunity to manage and even overcome existing medical conditions through the use of chiropractic medicine. Our trained and experienced staff will sit down with you to discuss your condition and needs, and will design a custom treatment plan to ensure those needs are met in full. Please contact us today to make an appointment and to begin experiencing the benefits that chiropractic medicine can offer you.