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Are You Sitting Down?

31047430 SWe all know that we should be active more and sit less, but what most of us aren’t aware of is just how bad sitting really is. A study by the Annals of Internal Medicine has found that prolonged sitting has a negative effect on our health, regardless of how much we exercise.

What are some of these negative health effects? Sitting for eight to twelve hours a day increases your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 90 percent and can lead to obesity problems as well as death from cardiovascular issues and cancer. Other problems include muscle degeneration, leg disorders, a strained neck and organ damage. With so many potential problems and so many Americans working desk jobs, sitting for extended periods of time is almost impossible to avoid.

The best way to combat the above health risks is to exercise regularly and make time to stretch and walk around throughout the workday. If possible, alternate between sitting and standing at your desk each day. Instead of sending that email to the colleague across the building, walk over and speak to them in person. Go for a walk on your lunch break and take a few minutes to get up and stand or walk every hour. A trip to the vending machine, water cooler or restroom is a great opportunity to stretch!

After a long day of work, most of us love the idea of relaxing on the couch while catching up on the news or our favorite television show, but we urge you to be cognoscente of this sedentary time. Stand up and fold laundry while watch TV or take a quick walk around the house on commercial breaks.

From cooking dinner to doing the laundry, there are many ways to stay active while getting work done around the house. Stand at the counter while cutting up your veggies and skip running the dishwasher to stand and do the dishes yourself. Even these little activities will help to fight the time you spend in a chair.

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