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Tips for Preventing Neck Pain

3681006 SNeck pain is all too common in today’s high-stress world. Many people suffer from chronic neck pain, continuing to do things that exacerbate their condition. There are several ways to minimize neck pain that are simple to implement or just involve the breaking of bad habits.


The most ideal position for the neck and spine means you should sleep on your back. This allows for good alignment of neck and spine. And if necessary use a cervical pillow, which is especially contoured for the neck and head. If you must sleep on your side, be sure that the pillows you use are no more than 4 inches thick. Too much height and the neck is thrown out of alignment.

Using The Telephone

Lots of people, in an attempt to talk on the phone hands free, position the phone between the ear and shoulder, using the shoulder to hold the phone up. This causes misalignment and also puts stress on the shoulder, which will affect your neck. Take a break from the multitasking and hold your phone in your hand or use a headset to ease neck pain.

On The Computer

To prevent the hunching of your shoulders, your computer screen should be placed at eye level. Keep your shoulders back in a neutral position and remember to take a break every half hour or so to allow your body and eyes a chance to relax.

Exercise Your Neck Muscles

Stretching the neck helps to prevent pain. A simple head roll is one good exercise, and another is a chin tuck where you bring your chin to your chest. Try keeping your head in a neutral position, sort of floating atop the spine.

Distribute Weight Evenly

Whether you carry a purse or a briefcase, you probably use the same side of your body each day. This can strain your spine and neck, causing them to shift out of alignment. Use a backpack to distribute weight more evenly or remember to switch sides which carrying a heaving bag.

Drink Water

Spinal discs are made up of mostly water, so staying hydrated is of the utmost importance. Make it your goal to drink at least eight large glasses of water a day. Your neck, spine and whole body will appreciate it!


A good massage is more than just relaxing. It releases tension and strain in the muscles, helping neck and spinal alignment. Small knots in the muscles are called trigger points and you can actually massage these points to relieve pain.


Maintaining good posture is one of the most important and easily forgotten ways to reduce stress and pain in the neck and back. Keep the shoulders neutral and the spine straight. Allow the head and neck to be supported by your spine, as if they were floating atop the vertebrae.

Neck pain need not be chronic or immobilizing. Work to reduce your everyday aches and pains with this advice and schedule an appointment with Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center to address severe neck and back pain. Our Temple, Texas office will work with you to find a solution using our multi-faceted approach to healthcare. Contact us online or by calling 254-899-2225 to set up an appointment today!


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