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Ease Your Back Pain by Changing Your Chair

11205986 SEspecially for individuals who spend a lot of time working in an office chair, back problems are common. Sitting for an extended period of time adds pressure to spinal disks and back muscles, as well as stress to the neck and shoulders. Slouching can make this stress worse, leading to frequent back and neck pain. Finding the right chair can help reduce these pains and positioning a good chair correctly makes all the difference.

Choosing Your Chair

When purchasing an office chair, look first for features that are adjustable, allowing you to move them to match your body shape and height. Look for a firm yet comfortable seat; one that is too soft will put more pressure on your back. Consider the chair’s backrest. There should be an outward curve, fit to the small of the back and the height and angle should be adjustable for a customized fit.

Also remember the chair’s base and armrests. Both should be sturdy, to support the body and arms. When choosing a base, look for one with five wheels that allow you to move in all directions without straining the back and legs. Armrests should be soft, providing cushion that reduces irritation in nerves and blood vessels.

Adjusting Your Chair

Adjust your chair to create a comfortable and supportive seat. First, sit in your chair with your bottom against the back, your upper arms down and your hands on your desk. Adjust the height of the chair and armrests so that your elbows are at a 90 degree angle and your shoulders are lifted slightly to create better posture and take strain off the neck.

Next, look at your computer monitor. Are your eyes at the center of your screen? If not, adjust the height of the screen to match your properly adjusted chair.

Pay attention to your posture and fix it when you begin slouching throughout the day to further reduce back and neck pain. If you are experiencing continued, chronic pain, schedule an appointment with Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center at 254-899-2225. Our Temple, Texas office will work with you to find a solution, using our multispecialty approach to healthcare.


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