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Staying Active During The Fall Months

35688225 SAutumn is here, and with this seasonal change comes crisp and cool days, leaves falling and changing into gorgeous reds and oranges, and some enjoyable new ways to exercise. Without the summer heat beating down on you, activities like running and playing sports are actually more pleasant!

Walking is always a glorious experience during the fall. Piles of brightly colored leaves line the streets and the foliage is beautiful. Cooler days encourage you to walk at a quicker pace, so you are getting more of a cardiovascular workout.

Going for a nice long bicycle ride is another enjoyable workout. Taking stress of your joints, you can get a pleasing and substantial amount of exercise on your bike. Grab a friend or family member and head to your local farmers market to see what seasonal treats you can find! Or better yet, head to an apple orchard and pick a barrel of apples. Stretching and bending are good for the legs, torso, and spine.

While raking leaves may not be the most enjoyable exercise, it will put your whole body to use and make your yard look great. Use your arms, legs and core muscles to get those leaves in a pile, then weed and trim your shrubs and garden for a full afternoon of activity.

Whether you are a fan of football, tennis or baseball, you can also head outside with the whole family and get a game going. Pack up your vehicle and a picnic basket and make a day of it, hiking and exploring your local park as well.

Naturally you can go to the gym to get your daily exercise in, but experiencing the fall season in all of its glory is much more fun! Cool weather and a crisp breeze can enhance your activities, since you’ll have a lot more pep in your step without the summer heat.

For individuals experiencing pains that keep them from enjoying these outdoor activities, contact Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center. Our multispecialty office will work with you to develop a treatment plan that will help you to feel your best. Call us at 254-899-2225 to schedule an appointment today.

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