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Support Your Feet for a Healthier Spine

16221054 SBack pain is all too common. Most people experience some kind of back pain in their lives, and if not attended to, it can become chronic and debilitating. Back pain starts from the feet up, so if your shoes don’t fit right or don’t support your weight and your spine correctly, the pain can become a terrible nuisance. While chiropractic care can provide relief, if your posture is not balanced and your shoes do not offer the proper alignment, you will not be able to heal completely.

Finding good shoes is the first step to reducing much of the pain in your back. For walking and exercising, there are really good, supportive shoes out there – you just need to find a pair that works for you! Use the following tips as you shop for supportive footwear:

  • Try shoes on in the middle of the day or during the evening. This is when your feet will be the most swollen, ensuring that your shoes will not pinch when you take them home.
  • Purchase shoes based on the activities they will be worn for. If you are a runner you will want shoes that absorb shock and cradle the foot. If your shoes are for walking you want good, supportive soles and arch support.
  • Buy new shoes as you need them. As soon as you see wear on the soles, replace the pair you are currently wearing for a consistent and supported fit.

To find out if your gait is off kilter, which can cause back pain as well, look at an old pair of shoes and see what areas of the sole are worn down. Typically, the heel and midsole should be the most worn. If this is not the case in your shoes, we recommend working to adjust your posture.

The body is a connected organism and problems in one area can affect other areas. This holds true with your back and your feet. The feet are the first line of support for the back and spine, so what you put on them can make a big difference in the amount of pain you experience on a day to day basis.

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