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Facing Your Fears for Improved Wellness

36087771 SAn innate survival mechanism that has been in place since our ancestors lived in caves, fear is a natural response that heightens the senses that are innate to survival. Fear causes your heart to beat rapidly and hormones to rush throughout the body, shutting down digestive functions and others not needed in the moment. And while some fears are completely warranted, irrational and chronic fear can have a negative effect on our bodies and minds.

To reduce your stress and ensure a healthier lifestyle, work to face your fears with these techniques.

Pinpoint Your Fears

Whether you are afraid of elevators, airplane or snakes, there is a particular reason that you are afraid. By thinking in-depth about your fear and pinpointing exactly what it is about the situation or object that makes you afraid you will be able to better conquer the problem.

One of the first steps you can take to overcoming your fears is to research the topic, learning as much about it as you can. Knowledge is power; the more you know about something, the less frightening it is.

Think Positive

While it can be difficult not to let negative thoughts flood your mind when the thing you fear comes into play, it is important to change the way you think, replacing your nervous and negative thoughts with rational, positive ones.

For example, if you start to get nervous as you are boarding a plane, remember the statistics you researched to calm your nerves. If this doesn’t work, try to keep your thoughts away from your fears by focusing on something else, like the music you are listening to or the book you are in the middle of reading.

Bring Backup

Another great way to control your fear is to face it with someone who feels comfortable in the situation that causes stress for you. Their confidence will boost your own, allowing you to face your fears and give you the tools to handle them on your own the next time.

If your fears are having an effect on your health, contact Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center at 254-899-2225 to schedule an appointment. Our multi-specialty office can help you to manage the physical problems related to your fear while you work to conquer the psychological aspects.

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