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Fitness Trends to Try This Year

14904263 SWith the first month of 2016 behind us, we would like to congratulate everyone who has been able to stick with their New Year’s resolution and is continuing their daily workout routine into the month of February! The beginning of each new year brings about new fitness trends, and if you are looking for some fresh ways to stay fit, Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center has put together a list of our favorite trends from ACSM’s annual list.

Wearable Tech

Number one on this year’s list, wearable tech offers a way to track your sleep patterns, heart rate, steps taken and more. From smart watches to heart rate monitors and fitness trackers, there are options for all different lifestyles and needs. Great for keeping yourself motivated and tracking your progress, wearable tech is sure to be big this year.

Functional Fitness

A way to stay in shape as you perform day to day tasks, functional fitness is a workout style we can all work into our daily lives. How does it work? Choose an exercise and perform as many reps as you can in 60 seconds, resting 30 seconds between each different move. Start by performing one cycle and slowly work your way up to three.

Outdoor Activities

Whether you love biking, hiking, kayaking or playing a sport, there are so many ways to get active outdoors. As spring approaches and the weather grows warmer, a good workout is the perfect excuse to head outside with a friend or family member!

Whatever fitness trend you decide to try this year, Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center is here to ease your aches and pains at the end of a busy week. Our multi-specialty office provides a medical doctor, nurse, chiropractor and massage therapist for all your health needs. To learn more about our practice or to schedule an appointment, contact us at 254-899-2225.

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