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Children and Chiropractic Care

20760442 SWhile we typically see adults in our Temple, Texas chiropractic office, it is normal and healthy for children to receive chiropractic care too. Children’s day to day activities – like jumping off the couch and running around in the yard – combined with their constant growth have a noticeable impact on the body and its nervous system. And even though children are incredibly resilient on their own, adjustments can provide noticeable health benefits.

Subluxation, the misalignment of vertebrae, happens to all of us, and even if your child does not show any signs of back pain, it can’t hurt to support their nerve development and posture through chiropractic care.

One of parents’ biggest concerns about chiropractic care for children is the idea of their kids feeling pain or hearing a cavitation, the “cracking” noise the back makes during adjustment. When a chiropractor works with a child, their technique is quite different and much gentler. Thanks to the flexibility of their joints and muscles, children don’t usually experience cavitations either.

Whether your child is in need of a particular treatment, or you would just like to provide them with an extra boost to ensure their body is functioning at top condition, there are many reasons for you to take your little one to the chiropractor. A variety of childhood conditions can be treated through chiropractic care, including frequent headaches, asthma, sleep problems, digestive issues and colic.

To learn more about chiropractic options for children and to schedule an appointment with Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center, call us at 254-899-2225.


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