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Regular Exercise Reduces the Risk of Dementia in Seniors

17798519 SRegardless of your age, exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a recent study highlighted by Today gives seniors another great reason to stay active. Burning calories lowers your chances of developing dementia.

One of the greatest impairments that adults over the age of 65 face, dementia is a title given to a wide range of symptoms related to the memory decline that makes it difficult for individuals to perform everyday activities. Much research has been put into decreasing individuals’ risks of dementia, and there are a variety of factors that contribute to the prevention of this disease including exercise.

Published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, this recent study on dementia and exercise was performed over the course of five year and included a group of 876 volunteers with an average age of 78. Each individual had an MRI performed at the beginning of the study and was asked to fill out a questionnaire that asked about their lifestyle, cognitive abilities and the activities they performed in their free time. Five years later, participants had another MRI performed and the results were quite impressive.

According to study results, the seniors who exercised regularly had about 5 percent more grey matter than those who did not and this additional grey matter lowered their risk of developing dementia and other cognitive impairments by 50 percent!

These staggering results are just one of many reasons to continue exercising as you age, and here at Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center we recommend all individuals take some time out of their day to fit some exercise in.

There are plenty of great activities for seniors to get involved in that will help them to stay in shape, including walking around the neighborhood with a friend and visiting the playground with the grandchildren. For more information about what exercises are best for you, schedule an appointment with us online or by phone at 254-899-2225.

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