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Find Relief from Insomnia with Chiropractic Care

31010400 SA good night’s sleep has many benefits, giving you the energy you need to get through your busy day as well as a boost to your immune system. Getting enough sleep each night helps to keep both your mind and body in shape, improving all aspects of your life. Unfortunately, insomnia is a growing problem across the United States, with more than 60 percent of the population suffering from this disorder.

With a wide variety of causes including neck and back pain, restless leg syndrome and breathing problems, insomnia can be difficult to address. Research has shown that regular chiropractic adjustments can provide relief to individuals consistently suffering from insomnia and sleep apnea, and this relief can be increased by combining it with other healthy measures.

From reducing your caffeine intake to setting a daily routine, there are many different techniques you can try in conjunction with regular chiropractic care to ensure your best sleep possible. Able to reduce the pains that are preventing you from getting to sleep, chiropractic adjustments also improve blood flow throughout the body, correcting misalignments in the spine and reducing the physical stress you are feeling.

One of the most beneficial lifestyle changes you can make is creating a schedule and following it closely. Going to bed at the same time each night and awaking around the same time each morning can help to promote more restful sleep, creating a rhythm for your body. Regular exercise is also helpful, as is eating dinner before 6 p.m. and avoiding screen time the hour before you fall asleep.

If you are suffering from insomnia or sleep apnea, Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center can work with you to find a solution using our multi-clinician approach. Our Temple, Texas office provides you with options for all health conditions, with chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage and traditional western medicine all in one place. To learn more about our practice and to schedule an appointment with us, visit us online or contact us by phone at 254-899-2225.

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