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Six Tips to Help You Stay Hydrated

39810121 SDrinking a healthy amount of water has positive effects on both the mind and the body, boosting your brain power, controlling your appetite and reducing fatigue for a happier and healthier life. And while we all know how important it is to stay hydrated, it can be tough to remember to keep drinking from your water bottle when you are busy. Whether you are rushing around the office all day or spending an evening with friends, don’t forget to break for a glass of water.

Make it a goal to take better care of yourself by always carrying a bottle of water with you and by trying these tips to stay hydrated beneath the hot Texas sun.

Start Your Morning Right

Incorporate drinking a full glass of water into your morning routine to kick-start your body into a healthy state. If you take medication daily, make a point to drink an entire glass of water with it instead of just the sip you need to wash your pill down. You can also set a glass of water next to your bed each night; perfect for refreshing yourself with when you are struggling to wake up in the morning.

Test Your Hunger

Thirst and hunger are two very similar feelings, making them easy to confuse. If you think you are feeling hungry (especially shortly after a meal or snack) drink a big glass of water and wait thirty minutes to see how your body feels. You may have just needed to hydrate!

Munch on Veggies

Drinking water isn’t the only way to ensure you are reaching your daily intake. You can also enjoy water-filled foods like cucumbers, celery and bell peppers. All of these crunchy treats are great for snacking on and can be incorporated into any meal (or paired with some tasty dip) to help hydrate your body while eating healthy.

Drink Water with Each Meal

If you are struggling to meet your daily quota of eight glasses of water a day: Up your intake by drinking at least one glass with every meal. You can also set reminders in your phone to drink at five other times of the day.

Add Lemon

Add a little flavor to your life by adding lemon, lime and other fruits to your water. There are even fruit infusing plastic water bottles you can purchase! Try different flavor combinations until you find one you love that makes drinking eight glasses of water more than just a daily chore.

Keep Count

Until staying hydrated becomes ingrained in your daily schedule, keep count of your intake to ensure you are meeting your goal. Remember that other beverages (like tea and 100 percent fruit juice) can count toward your total, so feel free to mix in a healthy, more flavorful option or two throughout the day.

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