How to Manage Your Seasonal Allergies to Mountain Cedar in Georgetown TX

How to Manage Your Seasonal Allergies to Mountain Cedar in Georgetown TX

Chiropractic Georgetown TX Seasonal Allergies Mountain Cedar

Nothing smells better than the scent of mountain cedar in the late fall and winter, so long as you aren't sneezing too severely to enjoy it. For those with seasonal allergies to this western tree, living with allergies in Georgetown TX can be a misery.

What Causes Cedar Tree Allergies in Georgetown TX?

Small pollen particles cedar trees are regularly carried hundreds of miles throughout Texas by the wind, triggering oversensitive immune systems for those unlucky enough to breath them in along the way.

Mountain cedar is notorious for causing a host of unpleasant symptoms that are collectively known as "Cedar Fever," including an itchy throat, fits of sneezing, red eyes, and nasal congestion.

While these symptoms are a sign that your immune system is taking action against the pollen, they are generally a major overreaction by your body to the perceived threat of pollen.

While it's not possible for most people in the Georgetown, TX area to avoid cedar pollen from November through March, there are steps you can take to ensure that this allergic reaction stops compromising your quality of life.

Benefits of Allergy Drops

One way to combat seasonal allergies is through allergy drops. Most allergy sufferers dread getting their regular shot, but allergy drops are proving to be just as effective for staving off the worst symptoms.

Alternatively called sublingual immunotherapy, allergy drops are taken under your tongue several times a day to help your immune system slowly build a tolerance to the substance causing the allergic reaction.

At the Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center, we use the La Crosse Method™ Protocol to give patients regular doses of allergy drops that are as effective as allergy shots.

While many patients start feeling relief from their symptoms in just a few weeks, allergy drop treatment generally lasts three to five years for the best results. Because of how safe they naturally are, allergy drops are regularly used to treat many different allergies, not just cedar pollen.

Getting Allergy Treatment

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