Nutritional Response Technique

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A Basic Introduction
Are you familiar with the concept of N.R.T in Temple and Killeen? It’s known in full as Nutritional Response Technique. N.R.T can be defined as a method of muscle testing that diagnoses information using a combination of neuromuscular, physical and biochemical balances in the body. It’s a non-invasive procedure thus there is no contact with the internal body cavity. The procedure entails analysis of a large group of muscles such as the leg by looking out for an increase in pressure in response to stimuli and interactions with acupuncture points. Basically, N.R.T is a procedure that helps us at Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center get biofeedback without the use of any electronic devices.

What are its Benefits?
N.R.T is a very beneficial tool. It aids in identifying the following;

  • Food Intolerances
  • Allergies
  • Toxic conditions
  • Malnutrition
  • And a couple of other ailments

Other than helping us detect the above complications, N.R.T is also capable of identifying the cause of illnesses and ways on how to combat that particular illness. Due to the fact that the feedback acquired from N.R.T differs among people, so will the course of action. As of today, there are many forms of muscle testing, also known as Applied Kinesiology. Nonetheless, amongst all these forms, N.R.T stands out to be the best. It has undergone a lot of clinical studies/trials and has been accredited to be more in-depth and effective in the analysis of conditions and provision of accurate plans that give great outcomes.

An In-Depth Scientific Description of N.R.T

Did you know that the human body is comprised of systems that all work together? In case one of these systems fails, the body will identify the problem with that particular system and ways on how to remedy that. Think of the human body as that of a computer. When a part of the computer fails such as the RAM, the computer will detect the problem and present ways on how to solve that issue. According to quantum biology, the human body entails intersecting lines of electromagnetic fields that are also referred to as bio-energy. This bio-energy can be perceived as a database of all the things that have affected our health since we were born. Moreover, the EMF’s in our body are responsible for its physical functioning and they are strongly linked with cells, tissues, DNA and other body systems.

In case of a sudden change within the body system, there will then be an alteration with the frequency of the EMF’s. The neurological system is in charge of controlling other systems in the entire body, including muscle contraction. As a result, any change can be analysed in the muscular responses. This, therefore, enables the N.R.T practitioner to identify the needs of a particular person. This strong electric and muscular link is a natural part of the human system. Adequate research has been done to prove the existence and importance of the bio-energetic fields. Additionally, science explains that every living and non-living thing does have a particular EMF which is dependent on its atomic composition.

Based on the above, we can define N.R.T as a scientific procedure through which a practitioner can use and utilize natural phenomena to aid improve a person’s health. It’s an excellent alternative health care method that not only discovers imbalances in the body but also restores the body back to its natural process. The restoration will entail the use of a specific nutritional program that will cleanse and nourish the body to the cellular level. It’s a safe and effective form of analysis and treatment.

For one to conduct the Nutrition Reflex Technique, he or she must have adequate knowledge in physiology, biochemistry and anatomy. Not just one of the mentioned fields but all of them. For instance, a practitioner can’t be able to fully analyse the liver’s ability to complete Phase One detoxification without being knowledgeable on the detoxification procedure, how or why it occurs and the biochemical compounds required for that procedure. It’s why N.R.T isn’t just taught to just anybody. For you to learn this technique, you must first be a qualified health practitioner and you should have attained the required/relevant educational and clinical qualifications. You must have pursued a degree in clinical nutrition, chiropractic medicine or naturopathic physics.