Many people in Temple ask a lot of questions when it comes to taking babies to the chiropractor. The typical issues involve questions such as, is chiropractor safe for babies? Do babies have back pains? Can the baby get the same adjustments adults get? These are legitimate concerns that every parent must raise about the nature of the chiropractor work.

Why then should you take your baby to a Temple chiropractor?

During the time of giving birth, there is a lot of pressure and forces involved in the process of pushing the baby outside the womb. According to recent research done by Viola Frymann realized that 90% of newborns suffer from birth trauma which is as a result of strain through the cranial areas and the neck during the time of birth. During the study Frymann, an Osteopathic doctor used over 1500 babies whom the majority were below five days old after the birth, and some babies got examined within 24 hours after birth.

The research authoritatively found out that only 10% of the newborns had no effects on their cranial mechanisms. 10% of the babies were suffering from birth trauma in their head which were evident to everybody with no knowledge of medical matters. The other 80% of the babies had various strain patterns on their cranial mechanisms. The birth trauma affects the baby's spinal development which may reduce the proper functioning of the nerve system.

Birth Trauma

Birth comes in various forms, and they are all traumatic in a unique way, and there is a possibility that the baby will get affected by the strains due to multiple reasons. Normal births are not safe either and can lead to trauma which in most cases go undetected. G. Gutmann a researcher says that injury resulting from birth processes remain unpublicized and end up without any treatment.

What are the causes of birth trauma?

Doctors attribute the birth trauma to various reasons which include the following;

  • A very long or too short labor pain which mothers experience before giving birth that involves a lot of pressure and forces working together which may strain the baby.
  • Twisting of the baby's head or pulling by doctors to help the mother deliver.
  • Cord sometimes may surround the baby's neck thus straining her.
  • Dilating failure of the cervix
  • Cesarean delivery can also lead to birth trauma.

Is there evidence of the birth trauma?

Many scholars apart from Gutmann have also done their research concerning the birth trauma to babies, for instance, Dr. Abraham Towbin, Harvard pathologist, found out that some spinal injuries are as a result of birth processes. Guttmann's study gives evidence that 80% of the newborns suffer from nerve dysfunctions and 65% of the brain development problem occurs within the first year of the baby after birth. Your baby needs to have healthy nerve system for her to grow and attain her full potential.

What can nerve dysfunctions cause to your baby?

You will notice that your baby is suffering from birth trauma when she has the following problems;

  • The baby may present with breathing problems
  • Sometimes the child will have difficulties sleeping
  • Their head wants to be on one side or the other
  • The child is slow in development
  • Difficulty with balance

Chiropractic care in Temple focuses on removing the nerve dysfunction to enable your baby to grow and develop without any problems to reach her full potential in life.

Spiral Elongation

Baby's spine grows by 50% in the first year though sometimes the development might be rapid causing other problems to your child such as affecting the alignment of other bones. The rapid growth of the spine exerts a lot of pressure to some bones which may force them to move out of the proper location causing the change of your baby's posture.

Optimizing the Nerve System

The nerve system consists of the spinal cord and the brain, and it manages everything your body does. Once you see your baby laughing, smiling, or any movement they all controlled by the central nervous system. Chiropractors in Temple look for distractors of the nerve system to ensure the baby grows and develops smoothly.

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