Chiropractic Testimonials

"I injured my lower back one day and it instantly caused debilitating pain. I suffered for 6-8 months with unbearable pain before an MRI detected that I had a herniated disc at the L5/S1 level. On a scale of 1-10, my pain level was a 15!!! The pain became so bad that I agreed to 2 spinal nerve blocks to deaden the pain, but these only worked temporarily. It was at this point I was ready to have surgery of any kind to try and get my life back. I tried a Chiropractor here in town as a last ditch effort, but found little relief. I was referred to Anthony Chiropractic Center by another Chiropractor in Austin. Within in weeks the results were striking. These days I am doing great, and I feel as though I am back to normal."

- Dennis F.

"Like most people, I suffered for 2-3 years with a nagging pain in my leg and back before I decided to get care. During that time, I did not take any medications or seek the care of any doctors for my condition. It got the point where I had to do something for the pain. I had previous experience with chiropractic care and decided to make an appointment with Anthony Chiropractic. I am happy to say that I am completely pain free today. Thank you very much! I highly recommend Anthony Chiropractic Center."

- Jimmy E.

"Shoulder pain and lower back soreness often made me tired and grumpy. Now I am more relaxed and have less pain everyday. I definitely recommend Anthony Chiropractic to everyone!"

- Terice S.

"With my headaches I was unable to work or have a social life. Now that I have fewer headaches I am able to work and do the things I enjoy. Thanks Anthony Chiropractic!"

- Don W.

"My daughter and I were in a car accident that left me with neck pain. It put me out of work and caused me to become depressed, it completely stopped my social life. Since receiving treatments, my pain has definitely started to diminish. I am not finished with my treatment program yet, but already I am back at work and once again have a social life. I would definitely recommend Anthony Chiropractic to others!"

- Margaret K.

"My left hip and leg were hurting terribly. I was restricted on traveling and doing the things I enjoyed! Since starting my chiropractic care plan I am able to do a little more…I can play dominoes with my friends, do my housework a little better, ride in the car a little longer…I'm confident when I'm finished with my care plan, that I'll be able to do the things I like to do…I would recommend Anthony Chiropractic to everyone."

- Frances V.

"My overall health has improved so much, I can now do simple tasks and have my body not hurt anymore. I have noticed my sinus problems are not bad and my headaches are gone! I have tons more energy now than I did two months ago, I can wake up feeling rested and I don't hurt all over."

- Courtney D.

"I've had pain 24/7. Since beginning my treatment plan I have much less pain, I have more energy and I'm able to enjoy my family without feeling tired out. I can walk without limping, I'm back to walking daily. I can turn my head from side to side.
Thank you Dr. Anthony!"

- Virginia K.

"I've noticed improvements in both my neck & back. My overall health has seen good improvement. My neck is more responsive."

- Bill H.

"I've experienced better sleep and less back stiffness. I have less leg pain and better movement. My energy has improved, I get out and do more with less aches and pains."

- Roger M.

"My back pain has reduced to minimal levels and I feel I will be pain free when my therapy is complete."

- Gary L.

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