You know this feeling, where it looks as if the world is spinning around you. Ever had that feeling? Not spinning around you in the light of being overloaded, career pressure, family obligations or the day to day pressure which we all go through and may affect our well-being. Your head is spinning and you are neither sick nor nursing a hangover. You feel that there is no reason for this.

This experience happens to people a lot more often than you would think. It may cause people to be scared and afraid. There's need to educate patients suffering from vertigo; and to calm them when they are wondering when it will pass or if the spinning shall pass at all. This condition is not imaginary, it is very real. It is called vertigo

Spinning Circles

Vertigo is a general medical term which describes a condition in which a person feels dizzy and loses balance and feels as though things are moving/spinning around him/ her. In the real sense, these things are not moving. This feeling is often explained as spinning. It is like that which you feel after a merry go round and you didn't get over the feeling you got from the ride immediately you get on land. Or that unnerving feeling which you get after being on sea and after you get on land you still feel the flow of the water.

Vertigo normally comes with: feelings of nausea, vomiting, sweating and sometimes finding a hard time walking. It can be too challenging and almost impossible to run your day to day activities. The above symptoms can make the person feel so weak.


Vertigo has a number of causes. Some of this causes may be very serious medical conditions. But it is mostly caused by mild issues which are centered on the inner ear. The inner ear is also called the vestibular system and controls your body's balance and your spatial orientation.

Inner ear problem called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is mostly a result of tiny objects moving around your inner ear when you change position. With this movement, you get the spinning feeling, vomiting etc.

Vertigo is normally accompanied by Meniere's disease which is the ringing of ears, hearing loss. You might feel your ear canal is blocked or fluid-filled. The reason for this could be genetic or external environment factors though it has not been proved.

Labrynthitis, ear infection, is another top cause of vertigo. Labrynthitis indicates an inflammation in the inner ear. Vertigo is a symptom of this condition.

Vertigo and Chiropractic

The big question is if chiropractic care in Killeen can help a patient with vertigo. To answer your question, yes. Two primary techniques are involved in aiding the body to heal so that the patient can regain his or her sense of balance.

The primary tool is chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic adjustment allows your nervous system to function at its level best. Your nervous system controls all the information sent to your brain and forth. The spine covers the nervous system. By adjusting it, communication between the brain and the body is enhanced; including the ear, lymph and the immune system. Chiropractic care is particularly useful when vertigo is being caused by an ear infection. The patient in turn, heals faster.

The epley maneuver is another tool used to relieve vertigo. This is a re-positioning technique. This procedure is simple and quick. It is done at a chiropractic office. This procedure is done to enable the ear and its components to return to the state it is supposed to be.

These tools: chiropractic adjustment and the epley maneuver are non-invasive and doesn't involve cutting into the body. They aid the body into recovering on its own.

If you are suffering from vertigo in Killeen, or anyone you know is, we want to help you recover. Try chiropractic. It could bring you to your best self, enable you to live the life you desire.


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