Dry Needling for Chronic Low Back Pain in West Georgetown TX

Dry Needling for Chronic Low Back Pain in West Georgetown TX

Chiropractic West Georgetown TX Dry Needling And Back Pain

Alternative therapies in West Georgetown TX can be a wonderful addition to anyone's current treatment plan because they help reduce pain while causing fewer side effects. They are designed to target the root of your problem to alleviate discomfort.

Dry needling falls into this category and is one of the treatments Anthony Medical & Chiropractic. It's similar in nature to acupuncture - but differs since it focuses on the area where you experience pain.

What Happens During a Dry Needling Session in West Georgetown TX?

Dry needling is a newer treatment that consists of applying thin, stainless steel needles into the muscle where you have pain.

Despite a needle entering your skin, it doesn't cause much discomfort. Since they don't inject any substance into your system, they're known as "dry" needles.

It classifies as a "trigger point" therapy because a specialist inserts the needles into the spot that's triggering your symptoms. It's particularly effective at alleviating pain caused by knotted or hard muscles and helps in reducing the prevalence of spasms.

How Does It Work on Chronic Low Back Pain?

A specialist applies the needles into the back in a rapid fashion, which stimulates blood flow to that area. In addition, when a practitioner uses the therapy on the muscles, it encourages a neuromuscular response to ease your pain and discomfort.

Tight muscles cause pain, but dry needling has been shown to elongate the muscle where a practitioner applies it, which reduces pain caused by the tightened muscle. It's effective at treating both chronic and acute back pain. A practitioner may use it on low back pain caused by an injury or from a chronic condition like fibromyalgia.