Treatments for Ear Infections

find the best chiropractic care for ear infections

Just about everybody has a kid who has come down with a frustrating ear infection in Copperas Cove TX, Georgetown TXKilleen TX, Round Rock TXTemple TXWaco TX, or West Georgetown TX. Researchers suggest that about four out of five kids in the country have dealt with an ear infection before the age of four. The marked increase in the prevalence of ear infections has resulted in many parents being misled into believing that they are just a part of growing up. Our chiropractic clinic has the expertise to help your child overcome their ear infection quickly, naturally, and effectively.

Ear infections typically involve a degree of discomfort, sleeplessness, and nausea. These symptoms frequently lead parents to think of the worst case scenario and rush their child to the hospital prematurely. Surprisingly, the leading reason children are admitted to hospitals is ear infections. Regrettably, the best, effective, and most natural type of care for ear infections often goes unnoticed.

The Information Behind Ear Infections

It's become extremely difficult to visit a physician's office for an ear infection and leave without a prescription in hand. While antibiotics are useful for some infections caused by germs, they are rendered useless by a significant portion of ear infections that are the result of viruses. Research shows that antibiotics have no better chance than a coin flip at treating your child's ear infection.

The only real way to precisely determine what type of ear infection one has contracted is for a physician to take a portion of the fluid with a syringe to test it. Due to the inherent difficulty of diagnosing an ear infection, pediatricians haphazardly prescribe antibiotics for upwards of eight out of ten ear infections. Considering only four out of ten ear infections can be treated with ear infections, it is clear there are children taking antibiotics unnecessarily. Moreover, it's been shown that ear infections can become chronic if antibiotics are needlessly taken. To make matters worse, research suggests that an increased use of antibiotics in children is correlated with higher rates of asthma and allergies.

Ear tubes, also referred to as tympanostomy tubes, have been the most frequent medical procedure performed to kids with almost 700,000 done annually. Again, both research and various studies have revealed that a majority that these procedures do little to nothing to help cure ear infections. In a mass research study, around a quarter of the surgeries were conducted with little reason, about 40% were warranted, and about a third were done with the knowledge that they may or may not succeed.

Conventionally, ear tubes were used as a result of anxiety about kids lagging behind in class due to hearing loss as a result of regular ear infections. Nevertheless, the modern studies have found that the ear tubes have little to no effect on child development. However, with the mixed results these ear tubes provide, it would be best for parents to consider more conservative approaches first. An ear tube surgery is no small procedure, often requiring children to be put under with anesthesia.

The Source of Ear Infections

Why do ear infections occur? As is the case with any bodily organ, the nervous system running through your spine is in charge of ensuring proper communication and health. Any roadblocks that impede proper function, like a spinal misalignment, can undermine your child's immune system. Additionally, it is well documented that a misalignment can cause the tissues in the back to become tense and reduce the efficiency with which your body's cavities can be drained. In the case of ear infections, the Eustachian tube is important for draining excess fluid from the ear canal. When the ear is unable to clear the fluid due to a blockage in the tube, the fluid becomes trapped and stagnant within the ear. This results in chronic ear infections. While some therapies can offer relief of these symptoms, they hardly ever provide anything more than temporary relief. Ignoring the source of the problem results in a constant cycle of prescriptions and medical procedures.

With all of these unnecessary headaches that arise from skirting around the real culprit behind of chronic ear infections, you may be looking for a treatment that just works. At our chiropractic clinic, our staff is uniquely trained to provide a comprehensive ear examination that seeks to solve your child's ear infection at the source. Our chiropractor will work with your child to find any misalignments contributing to poor ear drainage and gently correct the underlying issue. Upon proper treatment, your child's immune system will be able to function at full capacity and your child will find lasting relief from their chronic ear infections.

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