Exploring The Killeen TX Area: Fort Hood

Proudly Serving the Country from Killeen, Texas: Fort Hood is an Army military installation located in Killeen, Texas. Built in 1942, Fort Hood is one of the largest military facilities in the world. It is the most populous installation for the United States military. Located in Central Texas, it is the home and headquarters for various Divisions such as III Corps, First Army Division West, 1st Calvary Division, and 3rd Cavalry Regiment.

During World War II, the War Department realized the need for a wide-open space to test and train tank destroyers. Originally constructed with over 158,000 acres, Fort Hood has expanded to encompass well over 200,000 acres for training and preparedness exercises in the years since its creation. Each day, soldiers are reporting to Fort Hood to work within an array of job specialties. Some arrive by air at the Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport. Others arrive by POV and U-Haul from cities across the United States.

As with any military installation, the day for the soldier starts off early. It is true that the military does more before 9 am than most people do during the day. Physical Training, or PT as it is well known on the post, begins each day. This usually consists of a series of exercises and ends with a Company or Battalion run of at least 2 miles. After the run, there is a period for cool-down exercises. The soldiers are then dismissed for breakfast. If the soldier stays in the barracks, this is the time they make sure their room and bed are inspection ready. Yes, the bed has to be made a certain way. The military barrack's closet in the soldier's room is referred to as a wall locker. It must be organized and clean as well. Any footgear, shoes, boots, shower shoes, dress shoes, etc. must be displayed in a certain manner under the bed. Once the soldier has cleaned, showered, and dressed, it is time for breakfast. The mess hall has plenty of options to choose from prepared by military chef and kitchen personnel. After breakfast, the workday begins.

A day of work at Fort Hood resembles most jobs you can find in the civilian (outside the military) world. The only real difference is you wear a military uniform each day. The military has what is called military occupational specialties. This is the jobs or career paths available for soldiers to choose from. The range of specialties is wide and offers entry-level positions to highly-skilled advanced positions. From the military police and firefighters to the culinary chefs and business administrators, if you can dream it, you can do it in the military.

The city of Killeen is a proud community that welcomes soldiers to Central Texas. For years, the city and residents of Killeen have welcomed soldiers from across the country. It is this hometown feeling that makes Killeen and Fort Hood such a great match for each other. Some soldiers exiting the service even decide to make the greater Killeen area their home. With wonderful outdoor activities available as well as cities like Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas/Fort Worth close enough for great day trips, Killeen is a great place for Fort Hood soldiers to call home.