Exploring The Temple, TX Area: Temple – Caring for the Region

Temple, Texas is known as a regional medical center. Located between Dallas and Austin, it has become a vital part of caring for the residents of Central Texas. From its early days as a railway center for commerce to the expansion of services to the growing community, caring for Texans has become part of the collective heart of the residents of Temple.

Temple was founded in 1881 as a railroad town. At the time, Temple was considered a gateway town for the expansion of the railway system throughout Texas. Early in its history, Temple was nothing more than tents, saloons, and muddy streets. During a rainstorm, the spirits of the saloon and walking in the mud became quite the task. Hence, the name Tanglefoot emerged as the name used by locals for the city. Today, a visit to the Temple Railroad and Heritage Museum will take you on a journey to celebrate the contributions Temple made to the railroad industry to expand the iron horse in Texas.

During the 19th and early 20th century, communities of people were moving into the Central Texas area to develop what was once desolate land and undiscovered territories. With this growth, the need for healthcare became apparent. Today, one of the primary drivers of the economy is the expanding medical community. With Baylor Scott & White Medical Center leading the way, Temple has primary and specialty services for any health-related needs without traveling hours to the closest "big" city for care. Being so close to this level of care saves lives in Central Texas.

Temple has a very active Chamber of Commerce. The leadership and staff of the Temple Chamber work tirelessly to promote economic development and the expansion of industries coming into the Temple area. Companies and distributions centers like HEB, Walmart, Wilsonart International, McLane Company, PFG, PDI, Acer, Temple Bottling Company, and others call Temple home. With the extension of these companies throughout the United States and internationally, Temple is truly changing the world.

As Temple changes the world, the world also has influences on the future of Temple and Texas as a whole. Just as the railroad system pushed Texas into a new, unexplored transportation system, the 21st century seems to be repeating history. There are Temple business leaders leading the charge to advance the transportation of the rail system. The state is considering a high-speed rail system to connect Dallas with Houston. This could mean the ability to travel between the two cities in 90 minutes. This would establish a high-speed rail system in Texas as the next generation of railway travel. To advance into the future with success, one must have vision and courage. Given its rich history of service to the community and region, Temple is a city that has both.

With access to healthcare, commerce, activities, and the advancement of technology to keep a family busy every weekend of the year, Temple is a great place to live. If on vacation or looking for a great day trip, Temple has a plethora of sites and activities for all ages. To explore Texas, you must explore Temple.